Tree Removal Can Be Tricky Business

What Do You Do When You Need to Remove a Tree in an Inconvenient Place?

As trees get older, they can become unhealthy or disseased. Occasionally one gets damaged by a storm or winds. It’s also possible for them to grow too large for the space their in. In any of those cases you’re left with a hard decision. You need the tree removed, but the space it’s in is close to the house. Or it might be in a hard to reach spot. Luckily we can help. Justin Dugan’s Tree Service has a team of experts who are trained to handle those type of situations. We also have special equipment such as “The Tree Slayer” and our extra tall buckets, that will allow us to get into even the most hard to reach areas. We also have all the tools to make sure your yard is safe during the entire process. Check out the gallery below to see examples of our team removing large trees from tight spaces with zero property damage.

If You Have a Hard to Get to Tree, Call the Experts!

Our team is trained to keep your property safe. If you need any help with tree trimming or have any questions about it, call your tree trimming professionals at Justin Dugan’s Tree Service. We’re always here to help you!