Taking Proper Care of Your Trees

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Trees are a long term investment, are you caring for them properly?

The trees in your yard or on your property have an incredible long life span, with some living for centuries. However that lifespan can be cut short if your tree isn’t cared for properly. That’s why it’s important to get a tree trimming service to make sure your trees are groomed and cared for in a way that will promote a long life. That way you’re ensured that your trees will grow in a healthy manner.

As a home or property owner you may be thinking, why can’t I do it myself? You’re handy with the chainsaw or trimmers, why can’t you just trim your trees yourself? The truth is, you could be doing great harm to your trees if you trim it using an improper technique. Trimming the wrong way can go cause your tree to get a disease and greatly shorten its lifespan. Improper trimming can ruin the curb appeal created by having trees, thus hurting your property value. In the long run this could really hurt your pocketbook.

How Are You Accidentally Harming Your Trees?

As a responsible homeowner you may be taking steps that you feel are proactive to prolong the health of your tree. However these same steps may end up hurting it if not done properly. Here are some examples of ways you may be accidentally harming your tree.

  • Girdling Your Tree – Some homeowners girdle their trees to protect them from harm when mowing the lawn. This causes knicks and scrapes to the bark, which can let in disease and pests.
  • Covering the Roots – Homeowners cover tree roots with a variety of things from too much mulch, to decorations, or even plastic to try to keep weeds at bay. This is all very bad for the trees as it starves the roots of much needed ground oxygen. The only thing that should ever go on top of exposed roots if more soil.
  • Too much salt – During the winter we sometimes have to salt driveways and sidewalks to avoid it icing up. But this same salt is not good for our trees. Be sure to keep salt away from the roots of your trees as this can shorten their lifespan.
  • Tying a Dog – Trees seem like the perfect place to tie up your dog. The tree gives them much needed shade from the hot sun. But all the tugging, pulling, and jumping can cause their leash to rub the bark off the tree, living it open to disease and other pests.
  • Poor Pruning – The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is over pruning their tree. It’s an honestly mistake, as you just want to lighten up the canopy and get rid of some of the lower limbs, but too much pruning can be bad for your tree. Over pruning can deprive the tree of nutrients and lead to more harm than good for your trees. It’s best to leave grooming to the professionals.

    Keeping your Tree Healthy and Happy

    A tree is a great investment for your property as it’s an easy way to raise property values and beautify your lawn. However how long that tree stays healthy and happy depends on how well it is taken care of. Hiring a tree professional to trim your tree is an investment that can guarantee that your trees remain beautiful for decades to come. If you need your trees trimmed up or need advice on what your trees need, contact the professionals at Justin Dugan’s Tree Service. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in keeping your trees in tip top shape.