Summer Tree Care

low angle photography of green trees

Summer Can Be Hard On Your Trees

Summer is once again here and we can all look forward to finally getting out and heading to the beach or park. But Summer can be a rough time for our trees, as the scorching sun and dry weather can really put some stress on them. What can you do to help your trees stay healthy through the scorching summer heat? To help we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for Summer tree care.

Things You Should Avoid Doing To Your Trees During Summer

  • Don’t Prune / Trim Your Trees – Summertime is typically a very active time for trees. Trees are normally in full bloom during the Summer with full canopies. If you trim during the Summer you may accidentally trim too much. Over-pruning can lead to extreme stress for the tree. The ideal time to trip most trees is when they are dormant, which occurs in the late fall to early winter.
  • Don’t over water – It gets hot during the Summer and moisture levels can dip, but don’t take this as a sign you need to water the tree more than usual. Too much water can lead to problems with your tree, including diseases. A good rule of thumb is to check the soil near the tree. If it’s soggy or damp
  • Don’t plant new trees in the Summer – Conditions fluctuate because of the hot sun, storms, and the possibility of droughts. These conditions can be tough on adult trees so you can imagine how it can be on a young tree that needs to get its root system set up and ready to survive the upcoming Winter.  The most ideal time to plant new trees are Autumn or Spring.

Proper Tree Care for Summer Months

  • Do regular, thorough inspections of your trees – Your trees aren’t the only thing active during the Summer. Pest are also in full force during warm weather and if you aren’t careful, they can ruin your trees. Infestations can lead to having to cut down trees. So it is important to regularly look them over and make sure there are no signs of pests or damage from any storms, which can also leave them vulnerable to pest or disease.
  • Mulch your trees – Mulching should be done in the Spring, but it’s never too late. Mulching does a lot to help shelter the roots of the tree and trap in moisture, as well as keep weeds at bay. Plus it adds visual appeal to your yard.
  • Use the Appropriate Amount of Water – While it’s never good to over water your trees, you should also make sure they stay hydrated. As always, the key is checking the soil condition and watering as necessary.

Summer Tree Care Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Caring for your trees is an important investment in your property. Keeping them healthy can add value and curb appeal. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow the steps we’ve laid out above and your trees will stay healthy all Summer long! As always, if you have any other questions or need some help with any of your tree or lawn care, be sure to reach out to your experts here at  Justin Dugan’s Tree Service. We’re always here to help you!