Tree Services


At Justin Dugan’s Tree Service & Landscaping we specialize in a variety of tree services, such as tree assessment and removal, trimming, stump grinding/removal, and debris removal. While we are located near Gastonia, NC, we are able to serve the entire Charlotte, Lake Norman, and Gastonia area.

We take great pride in our professionalism and it shows in our work. Every job is treated with the utmost attention to customer service and taking care of the customer’s property. Justin and his teams work hard every day to provide the absolute best customer service experience for you, our customers.

Tree Assessment and Removal

We’re more than happy to come to your property and give you an assessment of the health of your trees. We can point out signs of disease or areas that could be a problem when a tree ages. If it is determined that the tree needs to be removed, we have the tools to allow us to do so safely and quickly, leaving no damage to your property. We even provide 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service so that you can call us whenever you need us. 

Tree Trimming

In the same way your lawn and house need maintenance, so do your trees. It is important to prune and trim your trees to give them their best appearance and keep them healthy. Our professionals use various methods to trim your tree and keep it looking their best.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Once a tree is removed, the stump remains in the ground. That’s no problem for our professionals. We offer stump grinding or removal as an option. Let us remove an unsightly stump from your property today.

Debris Removal

If you have a fallen tree or trees on your property, we can help. We can come out and remove all debris, whether it’s from a recent storm or if it’s been sitting. We will clean up the debris and have your property looking good in no time.